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July 12, 2006

Prism3 Chipsets?

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Hi everyone, I did a brief search of the forum and didn’t return any results but I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction?
I want to get a b/g (maybe a as well) pc card for my laptop, but I have particular requirements. I’d like a Prism 2.5 or 3 chipset, good transmit /recieve power and a jack for an external antenna… I’m having alot of trouble finding something like this.
The reason I want a prism chipset is for application support and monitor mode.

Any suggestions or ideas for a product I should look at?


Protected: hardware

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June 2, 2005

Interference-Free WLAN Delivers Robust Mobile Telephony

Filed under: Wireless — evilbunny @ 10:04 am

While many vendors are trumpeting advances in voice over WLAN (also known as VoWiFi or wVoIP), they are nonetheless working against fundamental problems inherent in the IEEE 802.11 standard that underpins most wireless LAN technology—and therefore most wVoIP.

Extricom Ltd., an Israeli R&D company, claims to have overcome these problems while remaining compliant with all current flavors of 802.11—.11b, .11a, and .11g. The limited number of RF channels, interchannel interference from adjacent channels, and restricted range and capacity are all dragons Extricom technology has slain, according to CEO Gideon Rottem.

The result: a wireless LAN architecture highly friendly to voice traffic.

May 30, 2005

WLAN Security Spec Goes Open Source

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Wireless LAN (WLAN) chipset maker Atheros Communications has released one of its key security technologies to the open source community.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company submitted code for its JumpStart for Wireless security configuration software to for use by anyone in the wireless LAN (define) industry. The Open Source Initiative (OSI) has already certified the code for JumpStart for Wireless.

May 25, 2005

Helium Wireless Recon: A Sneak Peek

Filed under: Wireless — evilbunny @ 11:14 am

Over the past few months, I’ve been testing Helium Networks’ new Wireless Recon system for performing radio frequency (RF) site surveys and engineering wireless LANs. Helium had been referring to this product as Rollabout during the beta development phase while I’ve been testing. The commercial release of the Wireless Recon system, which includes some enhancements, was announced this at Interop in Las Vegas

The Wireless Recon system consists of SiteSense software that installs on a wireless-equipped laptop that you connect via a cable to their SiteScout cart (which Helium refers to as “mapping hardware”). The cart includes three wheels and a platform for holding the laptop. The SiteScout unit is easy to push around and conveniently folds up and fits within a sturdy case suitable for checking on airline flights.

November 3, 2004

New Unstrung Insider Report (USA) featuring NZ’s RoamAD and Reach Wireless

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LAN Dressed as MAN: Metro-Zone 802.11 Wireless

Link To Report

By Gabriel Brown | 10.27.04

Public-access 802.11 wireless LAN is a riddle � we’ve all used it in hotels, airports, or at conferences, and found it to be valuable. But in spite of this, the business of deploying and operating hotspots is fraught with cost and undermined by users that don’t like paying much, if anything, for WiFi.

Personally, I’ve all but abandoned paid WiFi hotspots since 3G data cards (300 kbit/s downstream, 64 kbit/s upstream) arrived in London (see Review: Vodafone’s 3G Data Card). Not only do I save a little money, but I also get to choose where I go to sip tea and access the Internet.

May 30, 2004

Berkeley Releases 802.11b/g Test Receiver with Internal GPS

Filed under: Wireless — evilbunny @ 10:27 pm

METUCHEN, New Jersey. — May 19, 2004 — Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc., the leader in 802.11 Wi-Fi propagation analysis test equipment, has released the latest innovation it its Yellowjacket 802.11b/a/g family.Yellowjacket� PLUS 802.11b/g, in addition to all the advanced Yellowjacket features, contains an internal 12-channel GPS receiver for realtime geocoding (LAT, LON, ALT & UTC) of all 802.11 measurements. These measurements may then be plugged into Dolphin�, Berkeley�s outdoor GPS mapping software, for absolute 802.11b/g coverage analysis.

May 12, 2004

Minitar Monitor: Checks Your 802.11b AP Status

Filed under: Wireless — evilbunny @ 8:18 pm

Minitar Monitor is avilable for download at, and version two will be out this weekend.

All it does is sits in your tray flashing green and you can double click on it at any time to see you AP’s status. Tested only for Minitar 802.11b AP’s. Version two will be alot better, and will be able to save passwords, and have multiple AP’s!

December 19, 2003

Intel to produce 802.11g WLAN module by year end

Filed under: Wireless — evilbunny @ 9:11 am

Intel will begin mass-producing its long-awaited 802.11g wireless networking module at the end of this month, a senior Intel Asia Pacific executive has said.

The Pro Wireless 2200BG unit will be offered alongside Intel’s existing 802.11b and 802.11a/b products, all components of the chip giant’s Centrino platform.

The new unit is based on the second generation of ‘Calexico’, Intel’s wireless chipset architecture. Calexico 2 comprises two chips rather than the previous generation’s four.


Tests confirm Atheros’ Super G degrades rival WLANs

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Broadcom’s allegation that 802.11g Wi-Fi products based on chips developed by its rival, Atheros, will degrade the performance of nearby wireless networks appears to have been verified by independent tests.

Tim Higgins of web site Small Net Builder carried out a comprehensive series of tests to see if
Atheros’ Super G technology, which promises to double the range of WLANs built out of Atheros kit, interferes with adjacent networks not based upon the technology.


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