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January 13, 2006 receives major overhaul

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Today the new website went live. This is the first major overhaul to the site in a few years, but is a welcomed change as it brings with it google map integration along with a whole host of improvements designed to make the site more usable and to take away some of the more interesting limitations.

Since the main reason for the change was to integrate google maps, it was thought a whole new approach should be taken with how the rest of the site operated.

Previously there were a number of limitations both due to my design as well as the original design by David and this left things separated into regions, which meant people outside of these regions weren’t able to add themselves until the region was expanded.

However using javascript based technologies has it’s own limitations and the big one is not being able to display all locations at the same time after about 150 to 200 locations browsers tend to run slower and with enough locations can fill the memory of the computer it’s running on and crash. The news isn’t all bad, as the missing locations show up as you zoom and pan across the map, and most likely the missing locations wouldn’t have been clickable in any case as the icons tend to overlap.

Currently only core functionality has been coded (signing up, adding, editing and deleting locations among other simple things) and as time passes more features will be added in.

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