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January 13, 2003 announces Wi-Fi community software

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PALO ALTO, Calif, Jan 8th, 2003 — Trepia, Inc. announced today the release of an application which lets Wi-Fi users meet other nearby Wi-Fi

Using patent-pending technology Trepia analyzes Wi-Fi base station access patterns in order to determine which users are close to each other.

By creating an instant community, Trepia gives users an entirely new way of meeting others, whether they are at a convention, an airport, or at the book store.

The application requires Windows2000/XP and a Wi-Fi card to run and can be downloaded for free at

May 8, 2002

Another AP up

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Ok I now have another AP up, with pretty much 360 deg coverage… We also extended my antenna height about 4m above the roof after a trip to the BBC place on Gardner’s rd… I can see the city from on top of my roof, I can also see a fair chunk of the eastern suburbs up to the big mobile tower in bondi junction etc etc etc My line of sight covering the innerwest suburbs is rather limited with hills in that direction…


March 23, 2002

Passive Repeaters

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Thought this was to good to leave it hidden in the forums… has been mentioned before by the infamous Bob Cringley, however for a local example read below…


I thought I would mention this as nobody has disussed this topic.

I manage a site at glenfield where they have two aironet 350’s 800M apart linked by a passive repeater.

The repeater consists of two Gridpacks (very similar to a galaxy ant.) back to back joined by a small piece of coax, no power required.

The two sites had a large hill between them so the engineer proposing the link suggested the use of the passive repeater, he claimed a 6DB loss so this has to be taken into account when calculating path loss.

It works very well & has been in for about 12Months. Large metal objects such as Bridges, buildings, water towers or radio towers can also be used as passive reflectors, even aircraft have been used but they don’t hang around long enough to be of any use.

So when looking at putting in a link, think outside the square, just because you do not have LOS,it does not mean it is impossible to achieve.

Cheers Glenn Weston.

March 16, 2002

Viewsonic unveils 802.11b-ready monitor

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Viewsonic launched a wireless 10-inch TFT touchscreen monitor with built-in 802.11b connectivity at the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany on Wednesday.

Full Story Here…

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