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September 1, 2006

Just a couple of quick updates to

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I’ve added code so people can easily contact support, I’ve also added code so people can also contact other people on the system, similar to how things used to work, in user prefs you can set who can contact you.

You are also now able to see the age in days of the last time the person was seen (or responded to email pings).

Locations and accounts that used to be more then 90 days old used to be deleted from the system, this caused issues for people that were away for extended periods of time, so now instead the records are marked as deleted in the database and not shown on any maps. If a person logs into their account those locations become enabled again.

The system has also been optimised for the number of nodes in each region. So when you view the world map or view the jump to menu, preference is given to regions with the highest number of locations.

You are now also able to update your contact information and change your email preferences.

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  1. jarmer Says:

    hey, i was just browsing the net and i came across your website. i was researching Hardware required to set up my own business running a wireless gaming network, with counter strike and world of war craft. i would be interested in getting some feed back from anyone if they think this is a good idea.

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