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November 3, 2004


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The Central Coast Amateur Radio Club Inc has conducted its annual field day, generally in February, at WYONG RACECOURSE, in Howarth St Wyong for over twenty years. Attendances in recent years have exceeded 2000 amateur radio, communications and electronics enthusiasts and is regularly attended by bus loads of interstate enthusiasts. This field day is believed to be the largest in Australia.

The field day provides an opportunity to exhibitors to showcase relevant products and provide appropriate information. Many of the exhibitors are traders selling amateur radio and electronics equipment and provision is made for the very popular �car boot sale� by individuals with second hand equipment. In the past there has also been an element of educative facilities including seminar sessions and displays.

This year in an effort to expand the educative and information aspect of the field day it has been decided to offer free space, entry and facilities to a selected range of relevant authorities, educative bodies and special interest groups so that they might be encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity for contact with a large number and wide range of possible recipients of information on their services.

For more information

April 25, 2004 proudly announces PSTN support

Filed under: Announcements — evilbunny @ 11:07 pm is a public name service which provides ENUM.164, a method devised by the IETF and ITU to allow an ordinary telephone to be connected to an Internet type network and provided dialing service from other, regular telephones.

Unlike many other “free” voice over IP systems, allows users who have a regular telephone line, to also hook themselves up to the Internet without intervention from their regular telephone service provider while still using their “plain
old telephone” number instead of a web, IP or some other address.

The system works like this:

  • You dial a telephone number. Example: 02 9899 1234.
  • Your VoIP system looks up the number in if a match can be found, your call is tried over the Internet, directly to the other subscriber’s system.
  • If a match is not found, or if the call fails, your system can then attempt to dial the number using your regular telephone line.


April 7, 2004

Simple method of point to point phone calls in asterisk!

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So you’ve tried out and been frustrated with being cut off a million times by Free Worlddialup’s extremely large userbase chewing up their bandwidth, so you moved on to setting your own asterisk server up and interconnecting with IAXTEL and found yourself questioning why can’t I connect directly with all my friends asterisk servers without setting up a million entries in my iax.conf.

Well now you can!!!

That’s right Matthew from BCwireless and myself have been hard at work cooking up a project to make all this and more possible.

Basically you go to’s ENUM.164 registration site, join up and you’ll be issued numbers to setup and use how you see fit, you need to make a couple of small changes to your config but that’s it.

The way enum.164 works is the server addresses are stored in DNS, and when you send a phone number to asterisk it does a DNS lookup on the number and then connects you directly to the hostname returned by DNS, so you don’t need to maintain a connection to a foreign provider, you simple accept incoming iax guest connections.

Basically it’s pretty difficult to dial a URL on a normal or SIP phone, so this makes it possible!

February 26, 2004

Additional Benefits of

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Due to a recent update to GPG, is now able to sign PGP/GPG keys along with S/MIME client certificates.

CAcert has 2 types of signing available to people, low trust and high trust, low trust is available to all users that have verified all email addresses on their PGP/GPG key as being controlled by them, simple email probe.

However for users to receive a key signed by CAcert’s high trust GPG key they need to have proved their identity by way of the CAcert’s assurers programme, where users verify each others identity.

For more information, or just to have a curious peek around how we’ve implemented this, go to

January 22, 2004

HappySnapper - Photo Competition

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This is just a quick update about the photography competition.

Basically we’ve decided the main prize will be a reasonable quality tripod, somewhere about $200 to $300 I’m hoping to finalise the exact model/brand this week and will post details to the competition page (see below for URL) as soon as possible. AUD$1 is about 0.77 USD, and about 0.61 euro at present.

Basically the focus of the competition is to post unique and/or creative photos, in other words 1,000 people all posting macros of flowers possibly won’t rate very well in the unique category.

Just remember, not everyone likes the same thing, so that one photo you hesitated to post could have been the winning entry.

Competition will be back dated to include any photos already on the website, so please don’t delete and repost images as it won’t make any difference.

The competition is open to everyone everywhere, after all the internet reaches most places and we’re only dealing with digital files uploaded over the internet, there may be some complication with posting a tripod to some countries, however we’ll deal with this situation if/when it occurs.

For more details, and more up to date information, keep an eye on the competition page of the website…

Any questions, comments or suggestions, I’m more then happy to hear from you.

October 20, 2003

Berkeley Ships Yellowjacket 802.11A Receiver

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The Yellowjacket 802.11a Wi-Fi receiver system uses a custom receiver, custom software and interfaces with an iPAQ 3800, 3900 or 5400 series giving Yellowjacket the distinction of being the only true RF analysis and direction finding tool accurate to within 1 dB. Berkeley?s newest 5 GHz calibrated receiver measures all 8 OFDM network channels operating on the IEEE 802.11a standard allowing the user to determine the AP (Access Point), SSID and RSSI signal levels of all access points on or off any 802.11a WISP or Hotspot. Yellowjacket includes an iPAQ PocketPC model 5455, 5 GHz antenna, Ni-MH fast charger, spare batteries, interface cable and Bird?s Eye Indoor Mapping Software Demo disc. Available options include true direction finding antenna and Bird?s Eye indoor/outdoor AP signal coverage mapping software.

August 23, 2003

New News Site

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Myself and others have been noticing how most/all online tech publications have strong over tones of things related mostly over seas with the odd post here and there bashing Telstra… So we’ve stuck up a modest website, with which we hope to get some home grown projects a little bit more air time for their cause, such as the augmented reality stuff in SA, and the satellite project with the UNSW…

If you know of any topics that would you’d like to see given more publicity then let me know, or post your own article on our website, which can be seen here:

August 15, 2003

wifiBSD - FreeBSD based wireless router.

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Something for all those BSD fanatics out there. wifiBSD is a freebsd based wireless router, current features include:

Support for Prism chips - 802.11b.
Support for Lucent chips - 802.11b..
Support for Atheros chips - 802.11a/b/g.

Runs on any board from
Works in ad-hoc and hostap mode.
Supports IPsec.
Console and web-based configuration tools.
Runs on CF cards and mini harddrives.
Firewalling included.
Works as *DSL router.
DNS and DHCP server.
Support for both IPv4 and IPv6.

August 10, 2003

IP Allocation DB source Released

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Users of wireless in Sydney are now able to take advantage of an IP allocation database now online here, it can automatically issue you unique IP space that will not conflict with anyone else that has grabbed IP space from the database…

Also people from other parts of the world are able to download and run their own copies of the database, you can grab a copy from here.

April 1, 2003

Telstra runs the last mile on the back of wireless.

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By Staff writers, ZDNet Australia

The ACA and Telstra today announced an incentive scheme to help Telstra reach it’s goal of 1 million broadband subscribers by the end of the year. It is hoped this will be achieved in part through relaxing the 3 gigabyte cap, and free router incentives to those who open up their internet connection to allow telstra to resell broadband via wireless.

Spokesperson from Telstra, Loof Lirpa, said “Today was a great day for both Telstra and its customers. This means that we will now be able to reach our goal; and customers taking up our offer will be able to see benefit from a richer multimedia experience, thanks to increased download caps.”

The ACA Chairman was quoted as saying, “It took a lot of coaxing from both the ACCC and the ACA to finally make Telstra come around to the idea that they could offer a service that would not only benefit their bottom line, but also help people unable to hook up via a broadband connection to the internet, that may not have otherwise been possible.”



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