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September 24, 2006

More updates

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Just a quick note about, there was several changes made in the last few days to improve useability, and also a few MS IE changes that was preventing the site from working properly in MS IE.

I’ve also performed some quick testing in a beta version of MS IE and so far everything seems to work just fine, I’ve also performed testing in the last version of firefox 2, Opera 9.0.2 and Konq.

Let me know if there are any bugs I wasn’t able to trigger.

September 1, 2006

Just a couple of quick updates to

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I’ve added code so people can easily contact support, I’ve also added code so people can also contact other people on the system, similar to how things used to work, in user prefs you can set who can contact you.

You are also now able to see the age in days of the last time the person was seen (or responded to email pings).

Locations and accounts that used to be more then 90 days old used to be deleted from the system, this caused issues for people that were away for extended periods of time, so now instead the records are marked as deleted in the database and not shown on any maps. If a person logs into their account those locations become enabled again.

The system has also been optimised for the number of nodes in each region. So when you view the world map or view the jump to menu, preference is given to regions with the highest number of locations.

You are now also able to update your contact information and change your email preferences.

August 18, 2006


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Hi. I’m having troubles working out how to get involved with Sydney Wireless. I’ve also noticed I’m not the only one in the same boat, judging by the comments to some of the most recent posts on here. Hate to say it, but the organisation seems decidedly lacking and confusing from an outsiders’ perspective. References have been made to forums –which forums? Once upon a time, I gather, people could look up user details in NodeDB — can we any more? If not, how does one work out how to contact other interested individuals…? Emails (only provided through google’s cache, for all I can see) either bounce or don’t get responded to. Messages to Melb wireless turn up little, but indicate that the prime founders may have moved on…

Could someone please provide some rough information for new, interested individuals, and how they might connect up and contribute to the network?

July 12, 2006

Prism3 Chipsets?

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Hi everyone, I did a brief search of the forum and didn’t return any results but I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction?
I want to get a b/g (maybe a as well) pc card for my laptop, but I have particular requirements. I’d like a Prism 2.5 or 3 chipset, good transmit /recieve power and a jack for an external antenna… I’m having alot of trouble finding something like this.
The reason I want a prism chipset is for application support and monitor mode.

Any suggestions or ideas for a product I should look at?


Protected: hardware

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January 29, 2006

More NodeDB changes

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In the last lask couple of weeks I’ve added extensive code to NodeDB, I’ve also updated the digital elevation data to 3 arc second released by NASA, to produce much better quality elevation cross section images.

Below is an example of the difference in image quality as a result:

As a result of the upgrade I started out with example Google code, but this involved xml data files, but due to having arbitary data in the system caused the maps to break, so after much head banging I ended up replacing this code with much simplier HTTP/CSV data that won’t break if there is a stray & or the much more commonly & in html entities for multilingual entries.

Basically AJAX minus the xml is much better imho, it tends to break a whole lot less…

January 13, 2006 receives major overhaul

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Today the new website went live. This is the first major overhaul to the site in a few years, but is a welcomed change as it brings with it google map integration along with a whole host of improvements designed to make the site more usable and to take away some of the more interesting limitations.

Since the main reason for the change was to integrate google maps, it was thought a whole new approach should be taken with how the rest of the site operated.

Previously there were a number of limitations both due to my design as well as the original design by David and this left things separated into regions, which meant people outside of these regions weren’t able to add themselves until the region was expanded.

However using javascript based technologies has it’s own limitations and the big one is not being able to display all locations at the same time after about 150 to 200 locations browsers tend to run slower and with enough locations can fill the memory of the computer it’s running on and crash. The news isn’t all bad, as the missing locations show up as you zoom and pan across the map, and most likely the missing locations wouldn’t have been clickable in any case as the icons tend to overlap.

Currently only core functionality has been coded (signing up, adding, editing and deleting locations among other simple things) and as time passes more features will be added in.

December 21, 2005

iPass Acquires GoRemote

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With cash on hand, iPass (Quote, Chart) of Redwood Shores, California is buying out its rival down the road, GoRemote Internet Communications (Quote, Chart) of Milpitas. The two companies will be integrating all of their services, many of which overlap.

“We’ll go from the largest to ‘largester,’” jokes John Sidline, the director of corporate communications at iPass. His company also announced this morning that it had 35,000 unique hotspots in its virtual network, a number that will only grow when GoRemote’s partner locations are added. Even though the two companies have extensive overlap (say, for example, with T-Mobile Hotspots), there are some unique customers on GoRemote’s side (like The Cloud in the United Kingdom).

December 20, 2005

Ruckus RIOT Targets Homes

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Ruckus Wireless (formerly Video54) has a major stake in making sure Wi-Fi takes off in the home, considering that it makes smart antennas that are meant for spreading wireless signals for use with video and voice. But company communications director David Callisch said they didn’t see anyone focusing on making sure such products are fully interoperable. So they started a RIOT.

The name stands for Ruckus Interoperability and Open Testing. Callisch says, “we’re basically opening the program up to consumer electronics companies that have an IP enabled capability — mostly set-top boxes and PVR companies that want to add value to products.” That value, of course, is wireless. “Just having any wireless technology inside, relative to video, doesn’t cut it. As most have found out.” Testing is done in a house setup in the San Francisco Bay area.

December 19, 2005

Bluetooth on The Slopes

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Skiing isn’t just about the snow and the lodge anymore. Enthusiasts can now go high tech with the new Bluetooth-enabled Audex series of winter jackets.

Developed by Motorola (Quote, Chart) and Burton, the Audex jacket sports a built-in control panel located on the left-hand sleeve.

Any Bluetooth-enabled (define) mobile phone can connect wirelessly, and there are wires in the jacket that connect to an iPod. The hood houses speakers and a microphone for talking, making calls or listening to music.

“We see this as the beginning of truly wearable technology,” Bruce Hawver, general manager of companion products in Motorola’s mobile division, told “We think this is the first truly mass-commercial product to bring music and telephony together, and people won’t even notice you have the phone or iPod on you.”

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